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Bear Hunting In North Carolina

For over 300 years, North Carolina bear hunters have pursued the most challenging and formidable creature of the wilderness; the black bear. Waynesville, North Carolina-based NCBHA is dedicated to the proper conservation and management of North Carolina's black bears, as well as public education and protection of our bear hunting heritage. We are responsible hunters, placing the welfare of the species ahead of our sport and hunting pleasure. NCBHA is proudly affiliated with the following:

• United States Sportsman's Alliance (USSA)
• National Rifle Association (NRA)
• USSA Bear Hunter Rights Coalition (BHRC)
• North Carolina Sporting Dog Association (NCSDA)
• NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA)
• Sporting Dog Defense Coalition (SDDC)

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About North Carolina Bear Habitats

North Carolina, like few other states, provides the black bear with some of the most accommodating habitats in North America. The eastern third of the state is a coastal plain that features some of the most impenetrable terrains a bear can live in and flourish. Frequently characterized as swamps, wetland wilderness, and jungle-like bays, this area has produced three of the top ten North American record bears. That includes the world-record bear, based on weight, at an astounding 880 pounds and another bear that captured the world record based on 21 7/8 points as the largest ever taken with the aid of dogs.

In the west, North Carolina benefits from the Great Smoky Mountains and the foothills, which are home to one of the oldest bear populations on the continent. This vertical environment is also home to the tallest and most rugged mountains on the North American eastern coast.

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