North Carolina Bear Hunters Association

North Carolina Bear Hunters Association


Frequently Asked Questions About Bear Baiting

Question: Can I feed a bear?

Answer: Unless posted or disallowed by the landowner, North Carolina allows individuals to feed wildlife, including bears. However, the state has taken measures to disallow foodstuffs that could be harmful to bears.

Question: Can I feed bear on government land?

Answer: No. Government public lands (federal, state, and municipal), including games lands, expressly prohibit baiting bears with any bait at any time.

Question: Where can I operate a bear feed station?

Answer: Individuals can operate a bear feed station on property they own or lease. If leasing the land, you must have permission from the landowner.

Question: When can I operate a feed station for bear?

Answer: Individuals can operate a bear feed station year-round. However, the spring and summer months are when bears would benefit most from a feed station.

Question: What foods are allowed at feed stations?

Answer: Natural foods (i.e., not processed food products) are allowed at feed stations. Natural foods are healthy, digestible foodstuffs such as natural grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Question: What foods are prohibited at feed stations?

Answer: Any processed food products. Processed foods are defined as any food substance or flavoring that has been modified from its raw components by the addition of ingredients or by treatment to alter its chemical composition or form or to enhance its aroma or taste. This includes, but is not limited to substances modified with sugar, honey, syrups, oils, salts, spices, peanut butter, grease, meat, bones, and blood. It also encompasses extracts of such substances and food products that have been cooked, partially cooked, blended, or treated to enhance sweetness, flavor, or aroma. Additionally, all sugary products, candies, pastries, gums, cakes, sugar blocks, and extracts of such substances are prohibited.

Question: Can I feed bears processed food if I clean it up before hunting season?

Answer: No.

Question: Can an individual harvest a bear at a feed station?

Answer: Yes, provided it is an allowed natural food stuff.

Question: Can an individual release a dog at a feed station?

Answer: Yes, a dog can be released at a baited site.

Question: Can you give me examples of natural foods and processed foods?

Answer: Yes, the tables below provide examples of foods that are typical of the types of foods included in each group. This is not the complete list, but it does provide a clearer picture of foodstuffs in each group.

Blanched Peanuts

Examples Of Natural Foods Allowable

• Oats • Peanuts • Melons • Sweet Potatoes
• Wheat • Millet • Apples • Carrots
• Sorghum • Soybean • Grapes • Greens
• Flax • Corn • Blueberries • Beets

Examples Of Prohibited Processed Foods

• Peanut Butter • Meat Products • Spices • Honey Flavor
• Peanut Paste • Bones • Extracts • Syrups
• Sweetened Grains • Oils • Trail Mix • Bread
• Animal Parts • Grease • Salts • Commercial Feed
• Sugar • Sucrose Syrups • Honey Buns • Sweet Cakes & Pie
• Candy • Fructose Syrups • Donuts • Sweet Pastries
• Gums • Confectionaries • Cookies • Sweet Flavorings

Information About Peanut Processing & The Placement Of Peanut Products

Numerous questions have arisen concerning placement of various peanut products on the land to feed or attract wildlife. Please download information pertaining to black bears and to wildlife in general and read the most recent guidance.