North Carolina Bear Hunters Association

North Carolina Bear Hunters Association

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Hello fellow-bear hunter. We invite you to join the only statewide association dedicated to bear hunting and hunting with dogs. We've lost Washington, Oregon, most of California, Quebec, and now Ontario, so don't wait until it's too late.

North Carolina, long recognized as the bear hunting stronghold of the nation is at serious risk. Legislative experts agree that the southeast, and especially North Carolina, will soon be the next wildlife battleground between hunters and anti-hunting extremists.

Protect your rights by joining the one organization that doesn't quit, the NCBHA. We are considered by many to be the most determined and energetic sport-hunting organization in North Carolina. Be counted, where and when it counts most. Download Our Application and submit it to join the NCBHA!

The NCBHA Organization 


Jim Noles (President) David Simmons (Vice President) Todd King (Treasurer)  Matthew Pait (Secretary)

Board of Directors:    

John Bramble (E1) Reed Sheffield (E2) David Simmons (E3) Aaron Lowery (E4)
Matthew Pait (E5) BJ Johnson (E6) Vacant Larry Rhue (C1) Todd King (C2)
Jim Noles (C3) Benny Vance (C4)  Wallace Messer (W1) Eddie Frizsell (W2)
Roy Stiles (W3) Bud Smith (W4) Randy Wilson (W5) Robert Stiles (W6)